Civil Engineering, Universiy of the Ryukyus

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Education curriculum

In this program, we provide education based on regional characteristics to meet the diverse needs of the island and global societies. The students can learn not only civil engineering, but also liberal arts in the humanities, social and natural sciences.

First-year students study core subjects to acquire culture related humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and to improve foreign language skill. Furthermore, fundamental fluid mechanics as the introduction of professional education is provided in addition to specialized fundamental subjects like mathematics and physics.

In the second year, we provide specialized subjects related to civil engineering such as social system planning, structural mechanics, hydraulics, soil mechanics, construction material, information processing analysis, simulation engineering, and surveying.

Third-year students learn advanced subjects such as region and urban planning, disaster management planning, structural steel engineering, coastal engineering, geotechnical engineering, reinforced concrete engineering, civil engineering experiment, and material informatics. In addition, specialized subjects of other courses are also provided to acquire extensive knowledge and multifaceted vision. Outstanding students can apply to the “global engineering program”. In the program, to develop internationally educated human resources with interdisciplinary and global perspective, communication skills and high technical capabilities, international subjects related to international collaboration, regional revitalization, English communication, international internship, and study abroad are providedS.

Fourth-year students acquire the capacity to leverage knowledge, problem-solving ability, and communication skills through graduation research.

Our curriculum is certified by Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) and meets world-class standards. Graduated students are exempted from the first examination of Professional engineer and get certified as international engineer overseas.